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           Issavee Clinic places great importance on safeguarding the personal information of our patients. Our clinic’s personal information handling policy clarifies the purposes for which the clinic uses the personal information provided by its patients and the method of its use. This policy also explains the measures that have been implemented by the clinic to ensure the protection of personal information.
            The clinic shall not use any of the information provided by the user for any purpose other than the purposes described in the following, and in the event that the clinic wishes to change the purpose of using the information, the clinic shall first obtain the consent of the user. 
            - To provide treatment related services including diagnosis and treatment, and to provide administrative services such as preparing invoices, collecting payments and issuing refunds
            - Required information : For scheduling treatment appointments through the homepage, viewing scheduled appointments, and other membership services 
            - Optional information : E-mail for receiving clinic news, informational guides regarding diseases, etc. and surveys

            ■ Period of retention and usage of the provided personal information 
            Once the clinic has achieved the purpose for which it has collected or received personal information, the clinic shall destroy your personal information without any further delay.

            ■ Procedures and method of destroying personal information 
            The clinic shall immediately destroy personal information once it has achieved its purpose for collecting and using the personal information. The procedure and method of destroying the personal information are as follows. 

            ■ Provision and sharing of personal information 
            The clinic does not use our clients’ personal information for any purposes beyond the scope of the “Purpose of collecting and using personal information” stipulated above, nor does the clinic provide this information to other individuals, companies or institutions, with the exception of case in which the client has given consent, or in cases necessary for compliance with the provisions of related laws.  

            ■ Rights of users and their legal representatives and the method of exercising rights
            A separately prepared form containing easily comprehensible language is provided for use in the registration process for any child under the age of 14 (hereinafter referred to as “child"), and the clinic always obtains the consent of the child’s legal representative as a requirement prior to collecting the child’s personal information.